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Army Surplus Is Your One Stop Shop For Timeless Items

Over the decades the popularity of buying at Army Surplus has continued to be ongoing.

Consumers know that the quality, usefulness and affordability of these products are consistently at a high level. Many of the surplus stores are accredited by the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the shopper will have the products and services that the store advertises.

Many of the items are derived directly from or have evolved from wars from the past. The hats, jackets, pants and shirts evoke the bravery and determination that the soldiers lived by.

Many people had a father, grandfather or great grandfather in a war and this is their way of paying homage to their duty bound relative.

Optimum Outdoors Usability

The clothing and equipment have been designed for optimum functioning outdoors. Typically the neutral colors of khaki or olive green can be worn in most casual wear situations and the camouflage look has become a fashion statement for many years.

The beloved R. A. F. Sheepskin jacket worn by the Spitfire pilots has still crafted into it such details as leather welting on the seams, zippered cuffs, and an interior canvas equipment pouch.

For the growing number of women who have joined the armed services, clothing has also undergone some style changes.

Slim fitting tanks tops are available in the woodland camouflage and Army Universal print. Footwear for both men and women is ideal for areas requiring superior foot protection due to arduous winter conditions.

Whether it is an extreme Arctic or Amazonian situation there is a boot to fit the circumstances. We all know that the individual can only be as comfortable as their feet so boot socks are available to help wick away moisture and deter microbial activity.

All-Weather Protection

The defense against cold weather can also be helped along by practical and fun to wear undergarments. The G. I. Extreme cold weather polypropylene underwear has a soft fleeced lining and zippered turtleneck for ease when putting it on or taking it off. This is a highly popular item so it is recommended that one orders it early before the cold weather sets in.

Another highly popular item is the Swiss made watch. Coveted for its illumination system allowing it to glow for more than 25 years, it will glow 100 times more brightly than any other competitor on the market. This watch is water and shock resistant and the illumination is guaranteed for ten years.

Navy Seal

The Navy SEAL watch is highly popular with its easy to read, large multi-colored numerals. The crystal is scratch resistant and the battery life is good for over two years.

Eye wear too has been crafted to the strictest of military standards for all military personnel. The polarized lens provides the best in ultra violet protection.

Army Surplus continues to offer the classic wool pea coat. Available in navy, charcoal, camel and red it is made of 22 oz of wool melton, quilt lined and double breasted with the 8 Navy anchor buttons on the front.

This timeless item is a consistent best seller in spite of changing fashion trends.